Learning with Horses

Animals communicate in ways similar to humans, they use body language.
To understand but also to "speak" this language is the main content of this new seminars that I initiated for 2008.

Since my childhood, horses and riding have been my passion. Since the age of 4, when I first sat on a horse, I have been unable to kick this addiction.

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Photo: (c) Gabi Marek

Today I own 3 horses, am an active dressage rider, and educate both people and horses for dressage tournaments.
Now I aim to combine this experience and passion with my work as a Business Trainer.

Target Audience :

Leadership Roles
Junior Staff
Project Leaders

Horse and Riding experience are NOT necessary!

Course Contents:

Human Communication: verbal, vocal, visual

What do we communicate through our bodies, through our language?

Communication in the Animal Kingdom—examples: dogs, cats, horses
Gestures, Mimics, Movements of Horses
Direct Comparisons: People to Horses
Leading People and Horses
Uncertainty, fear, defence mechanisms of horses and people
Building trust and reducing uncertainty
Praise and criticism of horses and people


After this training you will be able to better understand the body language of others and communicate your own body language more effectively.