Qualifications and Experience


Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.):
Social and Business Studies, Gregorian University Rome, Italy
1990: Punta Gorda, Florida
Certification as economy trainer and business coach at IMPAC Ltd.
1992: San Francisco, California
Training for ISO 9000 Lead Assessor
1992-1996: Travel and Work in Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic):
Consulting and Training in International Projects
1995-1999: Vienna, Austria and London, UK
Certified Training Program in association with Wilson Learning - Sales, Customer Orientation, Character/Leadership Studies, Consulting 1x1
1996: Vienna, Austria and Lund, Sweden
Certification for Quality Management Training TQM/ISO in association with Utbildningshuset
1998: Vienna, Austria and Gummersbach, Germany
Certification in Assessments in association with Kienbaum and Partner
1999: Foundation of:
Sophie Posch, Personal Development and Training
2003: Mödling, Austria
Certification for the Thomas System (DISG Model)
1999-2005: Vienna, Austria and Helsinki, Finland:
Continuing education with my senior trainer, Göran Ekholm
2006: Vienna, Austria
Certification as Business Trainer (Click here for more information)
2011: Vienna, Austria
After fulfilling the necessary quality criteria, the accredidation was renewed for another 3 years (Click here for more information)
2014: Graz, Austria
"Flipcharts and Graphic Recording professional" at "Bright Picture", Edith Steiner in Graz