Website News


Here you can see all the new additions or the changes on the website.


28.01.17 The website is now also available in italien.
30.05.16 New references added.
11.03.15 New charity event.
15.07.14 New feedback.
27.04.13 The solution of the site has been changed to 1280x1024.

Due to excessive spam activity the guestbook is now offline.

04.12.09 New charity event.
28.03.09 Changes of the sites "Success Stories Baxter" and "Impressions"
26.10.08 English Translation of the whole website added
06.09.08 "Success Stories Baxter" - new Photos from Prague added
30.08.08 "Success Stories" updated ("Baxter")
Added Photo to "Vision"
"Qualification" updated (2006)
"References" updated (Allegro, Aicon)
13.10.07 New themes added: "Charity" and "Learning with Horses" wurdent
"Events" updated (moved Subpage "Charity")
"Success Stories" updated (new Article added)
"Success Stories - Baxter" - Photos added
21.01.07 "Vision" page newly formulated
"References" updated
"Events" added
"Success Stories"” updated
Added photos to the "Impressions" page
26.04.06 Data on the 5 Year Anniversary brought up to date
02.12.05 "Success Stories" was added
25.11.05 "Qualification" data updated
"Miscellaneous Trainings" added
08.10.05 Contact Data added
05.12.04 Photos from the 5 Year Anniversary were posted